Rolling Cumulus Expeditions are "Unique"in that YOU participate in them as one of the "Actors" presented. YOU become part of the group and have a say in how to go about being successful.


Dr. Will Bradwich used his large handglass to check the little drawing in the very old map.
For two years he had been studying the map which luckily he had bought at a flea market in Barcelona
while spending his vacation with his wife and daughter in the summer of 1934. He was not confortable
with what he had translated and carefully read while accessing many of his old books for further
clues on the content of the smelly map. In the discolored parchment he had found the words "Punku-Munku"
which had intrigued him completely. Apparently the narrative of the Spanish Conquistador which had drawn the map
told of an incredible city full of strange structures and mysterious night lights. The author beleived it
was not of this world. 
Dr. Bradwich told his wife that he would be making a proposal to the Explorer Society of London for 
funding of an Expedition to the Amazon and Orinoco River Basin to look for the fabled city. He would
have to make a pretty good case, he knew, to his fellow explorers and specially to the Treasurer of the Society.
On December 27, 1936 he made his presentation which took two hours. After at the Society's Lounge and Bar all 
gathered for further chatter on the matter and out of the crowd, Rudolfus Abnegail Bueteng, the treasurer,
approached him and said " How much will you need for this expedition Will?" Dr. Bradwich took his glasses off
and drank his licour with a gulp and said " I would say about Thirty Seven Thousand Pounds more or less Rudolfus". The old
treasurer looked at him and replied " You have Thirty Eight fivehundred my friend, go and find the Munku Punku City for
our glorious Society" Will's eyes popped out sat down and swalled two more glasses of his beverage.----The Expedition 
was on!!!